Deep Meditation: An Overview of Dhyana


In this lesson, you will learn about Patanjali’s seventh limb of yoga called DHYANA, which involves meditation and reaching a deep meditative state where the mind is quiet and you see things as they are without false mental projection.


Video Commentary: Meditation (Dhyana)

dhyana clouds and mountains

Video Transcript


Dhyana – deep meditation.

The seventh limb of yoga practice is dhyana. Whereas in the previous stage of dharana the meditator is conscious of the act of meditation, in dhyana consciousness of the act of meditation dissolves and there is only the consciousness of being and the pure concentration upon the object of focus.

Dhyana is the state where the meditator merges with the object of concentration. In this state, there’s a continuous flow of thought waves to which the meditator does not react. One is aware of thought, but not involved with it.

Dhyana is the instrument for separating what is real from what is not real to gain true self-knowledge.

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