What We Are

A few ruminations on yoga, Buddhism, and the nature of the mind and cosmos. Perhaps you have considered the meaning of your life from the context of your location or profession or success at obtaining things or accomplishing your agenda. What we are is more. I’ve...

Swami Ram Tirtha

I am without form, without limit Beyond space, beyond time I am in everything, everything is me I am the bliss of the universe Everything am I ~Swami Ram Tirtha~

YogaLifeTV (Official HD Trailer)

What is YogaLifeTV? Short video episodes that teach the practical application of yogic wisdom to enhance daily living. These short educational and inspirational episodes touch upon the philosophy of yoga, it's physical exercises, various meditations, and some...

Beyond Time: Your Adventure in Space

Level: All Levels / Length: 7 Minute Contemplation Beyond Time: Your Adventure in Space (a Meditation Will Video Short™) SUMMARY Life is the action of moving into the unknown and that unknown is our adventure, which is beyond time because it has no beginning and no...




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