Will E Keyser

Will E Keyser

Founder and Director, One World of Yoga

Exploring Buddhism and Eastern though since age twelve, I believe that applying yogic wisdom to modern life can produce a happy and conected state of being. I envision One World of Yoga as a conduit for delivering the life-long benefits of yoga and health.

Originally from Baltimore, I am a yoga teacher, writer, and online entrepreneur living in the Boston area. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, during which time I lived and studied across China. While working in the corporate world I earned my MBA from the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University.

May the whole world have the human technology to know itself and love itself.

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An Interview with the Creator

Q: What is One World of Yoga?
A: One World of Yoga is an online yoga studio for all people – both new students and experienced practitioners.


Our Mission is to deliver the life-long benefits of yoga and health to as many human beings as possible.

One World of Yoga seeks to improve life by increasing strength and clarity, while decreasing illness. Each of our lives is precious and deserves a rich experience. We recommend integrating regular exercise and meditation into your life to maintain an optimal state of mind, body, and spirit.

Q: What is yoga to you?
A: To me, yoga is about becoming the best version of yourself. We are infinitely creative by nature and so we can be many things in our life. Therefore, as we progress through time, we have experiences and karmas and dharma that inspire us to pursue one path or another.


All paths lead to the same destination. This is why we have so many approaches to yoga as well as other paths. So I think yoga is about discovering our inspiration for a path and then moving down that path to first find our True Self and then ultimately realize the essence of all life and to enjoy that essence in each and every moment.

Q: Why is yoga revalant today?
A: Yoga is particularly relevant today because it addresses the primary challenges we face: stress, information, and energy. Are your nerves strong enough to manage daily stresses? Are you buried by information or do ride upon it? And do you have enough energy to live a flourishing life?


Yoga is a kind of soft technology that can be learned and leveraged to balance the modern pressures of mass information and machine technologies that accelerate life.

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