Frequently, we encounter stresses that activate our sympathetic nervous system; cars honking, people yelling, work demands, lack of sleep…you could name a hundred sources of stress that weaken the nerves. These things drain us, sapping the natural resiliency we call ‘health and wellness’. The technology of this yoga exercise will help restore your nerves, your strength, and your calm.

Level: Intermediate / Length: 8 Minutes

The One-Minute Breath (Intermediate Level)

Sat Nam and welcome back. Today we will practice an intermediate-level yoga exercise called the “one-minute breath”. The “one-minute breath” is a yoga pranayam that stimulates the healing powers of the parasympathetic nervous system, deeply calming the mind and strengthening the nerves. During this exercise, weakness in the nerves may be experienced through sensation in stomach at the point of the third chakra – manipūra (city of jewels). By slowing the breath and increasing breathe retention, we can restore the nerves and increase mental focus. Like any exercise, getting results is all about practice.

So let’s get started…

There is one breath cycle per minute. Each cycle is divided into 3 parts: 20 seconds inhale, 20 seconds hold, 20 seconds exhale. We will go for five cycles today. Remember: always start slowly. Let my voice guide you and I will keep track of the time. You are welcome to practice with your eyes open or closed. First, let’s start with some long deep breathing. Inhaling, sit up with the spine straight. Exhaling, relax the shoulders down. And just continue to just breathe deeply while keeping the body still.


Now relax the breath and breathe normally. Notice your mind. Congratulations, you are now a stronger version of your true self. You can return to this video to practice again as you build your breath.

As always, Peace and Be Well 🙂

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