A Simple Guide to Yin Yoga

An introductory online yoga course.

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YogaLifeTV Episode: The Caliber of Life Meditation

This meditation is a sacred Kundalini meditation given by Yogi Bhajan in 1979. It builds the nerves and develops focus and stability in your life.
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YLTV Episode: The One-Minute Breath

This episode explores an intermediate-level pranayam (breath exercise) that strengthens the nerves and deeply calms the mind. Remember: always start slowly and build your time as your practice grows.
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YogaLifeTV Episode: The Highest Law (Ahimsa)

The Highest Law (Ahimsa) Do you act in harmful ways? Sat Nam, I’m Will Keyser and today we will briefly consider how harm may be preventing you from living your best life. The foundation of yoga is discipline. Discipline that creates the type of life, which fosters...
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YogaLifeTV Episode: Better Breathing

In this short episode, you will learn to practice "yogic breathing", a technique for increasing energy flow in the body and building mental clarity for life.
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Guest Blog

Breaking Down Back Bends

During my first, I don't know... 5-20 yoga classes, when the teacher would say "Cobra" my eyes would dart around the room trying to figure out WHAT IS COBRA?  “I mean, she's low to the ground, but that guy has straight arms.  Wait, that chick's legs are off of the...
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Fitting the Mold

“Man, I wish I could look like that yogi on the cover of Yoga Journal. Their body is perfect, they must have it all together.” How many times have we all thought this when looking at the athletes on health and fitness magazines? All the time, right? We then believe...
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